Network analysis is inevitable. Todays companies can't afford downtimes and can't take the risk of illegal actions on the wire.

Firewalls and Intruder Detection Systems (IDS) may block attacks from the Internet. But they are less effective against illegal action from internal sources. And they can't really tell you in advance what to do in order to shut hidden doors that attackers may use – from inside or ourside. And if "it" has happend they'll send warning messages but won't provide administrators with trace data for forensic analysis.

Facing the possible attack vectors needs knowing them, needs enganging them every day, based on intelligence provided by permanent analysis of data communication and underlying configurations (clients, servers, switches, routers, VoIP nodes, etc.).

Furthermore, performance degrations as well as performance reserves have to be acknowledged and put into action on a daily basis.

Actually, all this should happen. Normally.

But in fact data communication analysis doesn't take place in many companies – because it's expensive and cumbersome. If ever done, it's on a random basis. The answer on this can only be:

Full automated analysis

From data recording (writing communication data to disk) to data analysis and reports and notification, everything should be full automated. Administrators should be allowed to rely upon.

The Synapse analysis suite provides you with all this.

This is real quality management

Automated data recording, data analysis, and event notification to all responsible technicians and administrators.

Synapse Networks will you provide you with the software or with managed services (remote access).

Synapse Networks operates analysis agents on five continents for monitoring customer's data communication: In Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia customer's LAN/WAN traffic is analysed by Synapse Networks.