Efficiency meas to reach the goal with less possible means, and costs.

In fact, reality often shows a different picture.

IT operations are all too often made more expensive by the fact that internal resources are not used or used inefficiently; in particular in the event of faults and safety problems. Losses are:

Analysis is efficient ...

As part of managed services Synapse Networks will review the automatically created analysis reports, and in case of new errors or security problems a new trouble ticket will be created (e.g. within Sharepoint team database); additionally a new filter definition will be created in the filter library of the event log filter engine. At least, the trouble ticket will include a link to the filter engine's output directory. (Each defined filter will save its reports in a separate directory.)

As a result, technicians and adminstrators who are authorized to use the trouble ticket system can easily check latest analysis reports:

Ditributed analysis agents send notification messages about errors and events to (one ore more) central event collectors which save them to an event log. Then this log is permanently scanned by an event log filter engine. The filter engine uses an extensive filter library.